Lockdown Imposed in 11 wards of Guwahati

The Coronavirus is gripping up the capital city as new positives cases are surging in a very high rate. Guwahati have over 150 plus containment zones which is a very worrisome, so the Guwahati Metro Administration have decided to impose complete lockdown in 11 wards of Guwahati from 9 Pm tonight . The wards where the complete lockdown will be imposed are Ward No.2, Ward No.3, Ward No.4, Ward No.5, Ward No.6, Ward No.7, Ward No.8, Ward No.9, Ward No. 10, Ward No.15 & Ward No.16.

However Defense, Police, Hospital department and government offices will be opened. Shops dealing with groceries, fruits, vegetables, milk booths and animal fodders will be opened from 10 am to 5 pm. Except non-essential things all essential things will be exempted from this new Ward-Wise lockdown.

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