Lok Sabha Election 2024: Assam leads with 70.77% voter turnout by 6 pm, Mizoram lags at 53.96 %

Northeast Desk, 19th April: In the first phase of Lok Sabha elections, Assam emerges as the frontrunner with a remarkable 70.77% turnout, while Mizoram trails behind at 53.96% by 6 pm, marking distinct contrasts in voter participation among the northeastern states. India, on the whole, records an average turnout of 59.71% in the first phase of polling.

Assam has recorded the highest voter turnout percentage among the northeastern states, with a notable 70.77%.

In stark contrast, Mizoram has witnessed the lowest voter turnout, standing at 53.96% as of 6:00 PM. Despite being a crucial part of the region, Mizoram’s comparatively lower participation emphasizes the need for increased civic awareness and engagement.

The data released by the electoral authorities reveals a diverse turnout scenario across the northeastern states:

  • Assam: 70.77%
  • Mizoram: 53.96%
  • Tripura: 76.10%
  • Manipur: 68.62%
  • Meghalaya: 69.91%
  • Sikkim: 68.06%
  • Arunachal Pradesh: 64.07%
  • Nagaland: 56.18%

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