Lumding locals allege PDS rice distribution of being a scam in Assam

Guwahati: The distribution of affordable food grains supported by the government through the public distribution system (PDS) for the economically weaker sectors of society created a tense situation in Lumding city of Assam on Wednesday.

Beneficiaries of the government’s assistance programme claimed that their authorised supply of rice had been cut off in Lumding in the Hojai district of Assam.

According to reports, a businessman who went by the name Dutta and was a resident of Last Colony has been accused of fraud.

Moreover, the citizens urged that the government’s department of food and civil supplies conduct a thorough inquiry into the incident.

It should be noted that on December 5, residents of the Samaguri constituency in Assam’s Nagaon district protested outside the Mowamari Public Distribution System (PDS) outlet, citing irregularities in the distribution of subsidised food grains.

Locals reportedly organised the rallies after feeling resentful over not getting their fair portion of subsidised rice from the PDS shop.

Additionally, the residents have accused the agent at the Mowamari PDS shop of hoarding the food grains.

Moreover, the protesters there stated that they had unsuccessfully appealed to the higher authorities in this respect.

The locals urged that the government and administration intervene, conduct an appropriate investigation, and take the necessary actions in connection with the problem after alleging corruption.

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