Manik Saha: Tripura once ruled by governments of undisciplined and terror

Guwahati: Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha on Tuesday referred to the previous Congress and CPIM government as one of chaos and terror.

After unveiling a number of government initiatives Pecharthal under the Unakoti district, CM Dr. Saha declared that his administration is trying to meet the basic requirements of the populace.

“We want to stay close with people. Two days back Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched some projects in Agartala. Massive crowd was present which I have never seen in the history of Tripura. I and PM Modi came together from Shillong to Agartala and the attendance of people was noticeable. It was a historic day and proves that how people love the state and central government as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi was also overwhelmed after he has witnessed the crowd during his visit. He works for people only and following his direction our Tripura government is also working for people”, said CM Saha.

He said since decades tribal and nontribal are living together in Tripura but from some part a section of people are trying to create divisions among us using the muscle power.

“We have seen two governments in Tripura one government was a government undisciplined and later we have seen another government of murder and terror. But the present government is working for the democratic rights of people. Our government doesn’t want to oppress somebody by using muscle power”, he said.

He also criticised the opposing political parties for making claims about the state of law and order.

“Many opposition leaders have claimed that law and order has deteriorated in Tripura but report said that the opposition political parties did much more rallies and meeting than ruling BJP. If democracy is not here then how can they hold so many rallies and meeting?”, Dr Saha asked.

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