Manipur Police Halts Transfer of Personnel Amidst Ongoing Crisis

Northeast Desk, 24th February: In response to the prevailing crisis, the Manipur Police have suspended the movement of transferred personnel, citing the need for immediate intervention. While affirming the validity of transfer orders, the police emphasized that personnel would be relocated as necessary, emphasizing the exigency of the situation.

The transfer directives, aimed at optimizing manpower distribution, were issued by the Manipur Police Headquarters on February 14, 2024. The objective was to align personnel allocation with sanctioned posts across all MR/IR units, facilitating salary processing efficiently. However, considering the current crisis, the police deemed it unnecessary to relocate personnel immediately.

The decision comes following appeals from the Churachandpur-based Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, urging intervention to suspend transfer orders. The ITLF highlighted concerns regarding the safety of Kuki-Zo personnel if stationed in Meitei-dominated areas, citing the ongoing ethnic conflict.

Since May 3 last year, ethnic tensions between hills-based Kukis and Imphal Valley-based Meiteis have resulted in over 180 fatalities and the displacement of thousands. In light of these developments, the Manipur Police’s decision reflects a strategic response to maintain stability and ensure the safety of personnel amidst the volatile situation.

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