Màrquez becomes oldest man on the Planet

Guwahati: Guinness World Records has officially been confirmed as the world’s oldest person living (male) name Emilio Flores Màrquez with a confirmed age of 112 years and 326 days.

Emilio, born on August 8 1908 in Carolina is the second oldest of 11 children born to Alberto Flores Melendez and Margarita Màrquez Gurcia.

At a very young age, he helped his father on their Sugarcane farm. As the firstborn son in his family, he was also in charge of carrying out household chores and helping to care for his nine surviving siblings.

He continued to dedicate his life to farming then he married for 75 years to the love of his life Andrea Perez, who passed away in 2010. They have four children of which two are still alive and healthy.

He also has five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. At the age of 101, Emilio underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker. He has lost all of his hearing still he continues to enjoy life.

Emilio received his official Guinness world record title as a life-long achievement. He and his family are happy to share this experience.

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