Massive fire broke out at Daily Market, Samaguri: two shops were gutted down

A massive Fire broke out at a Daily Market in Samaguri where Two Shops were gutted down on Monday. As per reports, Two Bikes were burned along with Goods and Properties worth lakh of Rupees were exploded in the Fire. It was assumed by the Locals that the blaze broke out due to short circuit.

Locals of the Region came together to douse the flames. On the other hand a fire also took place on Monday at Dhubipatti Town in Dibrugarh. The fire broke out in the house of Rabin Dutta, a Resident of the Town. From his house  the fire expanded to the  Four Rented houses, situated near Dutta’s house. It was assumed that the Fire broke out from the Kitchen. No causalities have been Registered yet.

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