Massive landslide hits Sikkim’s Pathing village; Houses Damaged (See Pics)

Guwahati: A massive landslide hits in Pathing Village under the Yangang constituency of Sikkim on Sunday.

One house was completely damaged as a result of the landslide while more than 60 houses were left in disarray.

The landslide which has been active for the previous three to four years is 29 years old, and 50 to 60 homes are in grave danger.

Notably, a landslide on October 9 caused traffic to be disrupted at the 20th mile on Number 32 of National Highway (NH) 10, which connects Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim.

Following the landslide, hundreds of travellers and cars hauling cargo had to spend more than 3 hours stuck on the highway.

The two impacted routes, which link Sikkim to the Siliguri corridor, were NH 10 at milepost 32 and at milepost 20 close to Rangpo.

According to officials working to remove the road of the collected debris caused by landslides, the most damaged portion of the 20th mile was previously restored but suffered new damage.

The route from Rangpo via Roarthang to Gangtok or Rangpo via Duga, which is a long journey, had to be diverted due to damaged roads in other regions of Sikkim as a result of the severe rains.

Authorities in the East Sikkim region had stated at the time that it would take some time to clean the road because of the heavy rains that had slowed down clearing work.

The roads and bridges department had issued a warning urging people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary because constant rain had loosened rocks and cliffs, making them vulnerable to landslides.

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