“Mission-929” is launched by ECI to Boost Voter Turnout in Tripura to exceed 90%

Digital Desk: The Election Commission has set a goal of 92% voter turnout for the assembly elections scheduled for this year, focussing on 929 polling places throughout Tripura.

The average voter turnout across 3,328 booths in the 2018 assembly elections was lower than 89 percent in these polling places.

“To turnaround the relatively low voting percentage in these booths, the EC has launched ‘Mission-929’.”, Election Commission official said. 

In addition to a campaign of awareness, election officials will visit elderly and disabled people to urge them to vote.

According to a representative of the Election Commission, every polling location will be equipped with ramps, wheelchairs, and separate lines to accommodate older citizens and those with disabilities.

“Besides, special security measures will be ensured so that voters can cast their votes. By all-around efforts from all stakeholders, it will be possible to achieve the target of 92 per cent turnout during the upcoming elections,” official said. 

To ensure that the assembly elections are peaceful, the official stated that the EC is also working on “Mission Zero Poll Violence.”

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