Mizoram MPCC President Lalsawta: Congress Will Return To Power

Guwahati: Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) president Lalsawta on Tuesday said his party would win the upcoming assembly elections, which are scheduled for later this year.

Addressing a function at the party office here, Lalsawta said, “There is general assumption that Congress party can’t win election and come back to power in Mizoram because the party is no more in power at the Centre. We will come back to power in the upcoming assembly.”

In contrast to other parties, which rely on financial power, he claimed that the Congress will be dependent on the might of the above (the Almighty).

He declared that electricity production would be given first priority if the party is elected. The party would prioritise lawful trade with neighbouring states and nations, among other things, he stated.

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