Mizoram: Three Myanmar nationals arrested with Rs 1 crore cash, illegal beer by Assam Rifles and Customs Preventive Force

Northeast Desk, 23rd February: In an effort to curb smuggling activities, a collaborative operation involving Assam Rifles, Hnahlan Police, and Customs Preventive Force Champhai culminated in a significant seizure of contraband and the apprehension of three individuals on February 22, 2024.

The operation, conducted in the General Area Murlen, yielded a staggering Rs 1,03,97,500 in cash, marking a crucial blow against illicit financial activities. Additionally, Assam Rifles intercepted and seized 136 cases of foreign-origin beer valued at Rs 6.52 lakh in Mualkawi Champhai.

The arrested individuals, all of Myanmar nationality, were handed over to Hnahlan Police Beat Post in Mizoram for further legal proceedings. Simultaneously, the confiscated contraband, including the cache of cash and the illegal beer, was transferred to the custody of Customs Preventive Force Champhai.

Earlier, in a coordinated operation, Assam Rifles and Champhai Police made a significant breakthrough in the fight against drug trafficking. Acting on specific intelligence, a joint team from Assam Rifles and Champhai Police launched an operation in the general area of Dungtlang, Champhai district, resulting in the recovery of a substantial quantity of narcotics.

The operation culminated in the seizure of 11.397 kilograms of Methamphetamine tablets and 218 grams of Heroin No. 4. The combined value of the confiscated drugs is estimated to be a staggering Rs. 35 crore. This successful raid marks another blow to the illicit drug trade, which continues to pose a serious threat to society.

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