MLA Proposes “Shoot at Sight” Policy Against Illegal Immigrants in Manipur

Northeast DEsk, 2nd March: Lourembam Rameshwar Meetei, MLA of Keirao Assembly Constituency in Manipur, has advocated for a ‘shoot at sight’ policy against illegal immigrants from Myanmar. He alleges that these immigrants exploit loopholes in the system to obtain voter cards and establish themselves in Manipur through marriage with locals. Meetei emphasized the need for effective implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and stricter surveillance measures to curb this issue.

During the ongoing Manipur Assembly session, the Keirao MLA expressed concerns about illegal immigrants in his constituency. He claimed that people from Mizoram, using Aadhar cards, have migrated to Manipur and registered on the voter list, subsequently bringing in more illegal immigrants from Burma. He stressed the importance of implementing the NRC to address such issues.

Meetei urged the government and indigenous communities to actively prevent illegal immigration and land encroachment, highlighting the potential national security threat posed by undocumented immigrants. He called for the enactment of stringent laws to tackle the issue, suggesting measures such as biometric surveillance and specific policies.

The MLA also raised concerns over immigrants erecting bunkers in peripheral areas, taking advantage of the Suspension of Operation. He emphasized the need for valley MLAs to remain vigilant and proactively identify immigrants. Meetei shared an incident from Imphal West, where a local woman married a Kuki militant and acquired large tracts of paddy land, warning that indigenous communities are increasingly displaced by such immigrants.

Drawing a parallel to efforts against insurgency in Manipur, Meetei advocated for a ‘shoot at sight’ policy to address illegal immigration, citing past actions against the Meitei community. He highlighted the potential threat to national security and suggested that undocumented immigrants could strain resources and disrupt the state’s demographic balance. The MLA underscored the necessity of implementing stringent laws and controversial measures to tackle illegal immigration effectively.

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