Money Tip: 2 Rupee Coin Will Get You Rs 5 Lakh

Money Tip: 2 Rupee Coin Will Get You Rs 5 Lakh On Monday money tip, we will tell how to earn Rs 5 lakh with out stepping out of home. No trick is involved in the money earning process. All you need to do is to follow the process.

Many of us have habit of collecting old and rare coins, note and currency. If have this habit, it may just make you lakhpati as you can earn a whopping Rs 5 lakh.

Basically you need to have an old coin of two rupees to earn Rs 5 lakh online. The coin must India rupees 2. The coin needs to be 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2000 series coin. If you have this coin in your collection, you can earn Rs 5 lakh.

You need to go to a portal named The portal is selling the two two rupee coin for Rs 5 lakh. All you need to do is click clear photos of the the two rupee coin and upload them on the website.

You need to add “AD Details”, ‘Description’. You need provided certain details such as address, mobile number, and email address. The website will verify your mobile number and email address. Your profile will be created. Buyers will contact you directly. You can negotiate price, that’s up to you and buyers.

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