Mysterious Death of BJP Worker Causes Panic in Karimganj’s Patharkandi Area

Guwahati: On January 23, a commotion in the neighbourhood was brought on by the death of a youth in the Baithakhal neighbourhood of Karimganj’s Patharkandi constituency.

According to the deceased’s relatives, criminals killed the man named Rono Sinha and dumped his body by the side of the road close to the national highway that connects Assam and Tripura in an effort to portray the entire thing as an accident.

According to information, Rono Sinha, a BJP cadre and businessman, ate dinner at his home every night before travelling from Katabari village to his business firm in the Baithakhal neighbourhood.

Additionally, according to the residents, Rono Sinha used to spend the night at his place of business.

After discovering Rono Sinha’s dead body and his scooter lying at a culvert close to the Assam-Tripura National Highway, a group of people in the neighbourhood erupted in rage and anxiety.

On the other hand, the Pathakandi police station received a complaint of the occurrence from the people.

Locals claimed that the only thing they could see from businesses to where the body was thrown were blood clots.

This gave rise to the hypothesis that criminals were attempting to make the incident appear accidental by killing him.

Sniffer dogs were put to look for any signs of the occurrence, and police and paramilitary personnel were brought in to help restore normalcy.

A group of irate people blocked National Highway 8, which connects Assam and Tripura, while an investigative dog made a preliminary investigation.

Later, the body was found in front of a magistrate, and it was taken to Karimganj Civil Hospital for an autopsy.

The police believe that the young man’s death was the result of a murder, although it is yet unknown who killed the BJP member and why.

After a thorough police investigation, all the details about who murdered the BJP member Rono Sinha and why would be revealed.

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