Narendra Modi Assumes Office for Historic Third Term as India’s Prime Minister

National Desk, 9th June: In a landmark ceremony, Narendra Modi has officially assumed office as India’s Prime Minister for the third consecutive term. The swearing-in event, held with great fanfare and attended by key political figures and dignitaries, underscores Modi’s sustained leadership and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) enduring influence in Indian politics.

Accompanying Modi in taking the oath, senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh has been reappointed as a cabinet minister in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government. Singh, who previously served as Defence Minister, is expected to continue his influential role within the cabinet.

Amit Shah, a close confidant of Prime Minister Modi and a key strategist within the BJP, has also been sworn in for a second term as a cabinet minister. Shah’s renowned organizational skills and strategic acumen are anticipated to play a crucial role in the government’s decision-making and policy implementation processes.

Nitin Gadkari, another senior BJP figure, took the oath of office and is expected to maintain his leadership in the road and transport sector, a portfolio he managed in the previous government. Gadkari’s continuation in this role is seen as vital for advancing infrastructure development in the country.

In a significant new appointment, BJP President JP Nadda has been inducted into the Modi cabinet for the first time. Nadda’s inclusion highlights his growing prominence within the party and his expected contributions to the government’s agenda.

This swearing-in ceremony marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Modi administration, as it seeks to build on its past achievements and address new challenges in its continued governance of India.

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