Official Residence of Governor of Assam to be Shifted to Kharguli

Guwahati: The current Raj Bhawan will no longer serve as the governor of Assam’s official house it will be moved to Kharguli.  This was informed by the state government.

The foundation stone will be laid by the governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi and the chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Thursday.

The residence’s construction is anticipated to be finished in 36 months and cost Rs. 41,32,51,000 in total.

The Governor’s residence will cover an area of 9631 square meters.

The Governor’s official house will be transferred from the current Raj Bhavan to the cutting-edge residence once construction is complete.

The Old MLA Hostel complex in Dispur is where the merchant was instructed to leave yesterday by the speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly.

A new residential multistory structure for MLAs would be built at the complex thus the shopkeeper Subhas Barman was asked to clean the area.

Barman was informed of this and instructed to leave the store by January 20 at the latest.

According to the speaker of the Assam assembly’s instructions, the estate officer issued the notice.

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