One detained for Pro-Pakistan Slogans in Assam

Guwahati: A person was detained by the Biswanath Police after he allegedly raised slogans in support of Pakistan while being stopped by a police team for regular checking over curfew violations.

The person identified as Debijit Das was detained by the police after a series of quarrels with the on-duty police personnel. According to the police, Das was stopped by a police team in order to check why he was out during curfew hours but Das started to “misbehave”.

The on-duty personnel claimed that Das after being stopped by them used objectionable statements and also raised slogans in support of Pakistan. He did not cooperate with the police and also threw away his masked when he was asked about not wearing a mask.

An official also stated that the accused person failed to produce documents related to his motorcycle and further used more objectionable sentences.

The accused person, however, justifying his actions claimed that there is no COVID-19 and there was no use to wear a mask. The person further claimed that he was angered because the police obstructed him while he was coming back from COVID duty.

Das also alleged that the police had torn his documents which were proof of him being engaged in the COVID duty.

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