Opposition Releases Black Paper Criticizing Modi Govt’s Decade in Power

Northeast Desk, 29th February: The opposition in Meghalaya has issued a scathing critique of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government’s tenure over the past ten years, highlighting failures across key sectors such as economic management and social justice.

Citing the government’s inability to fulfill promises of job creation and rising prices of essential goods, the opposition lamented the stark disparity between pledges and realities, with unemployment rates reaching unprecedented levels and essential commodity prices soaring.

Furthermore, the opposition condemned the administration’s handling of the ongoing farmers’ protests, accusing it of callousness and repression towards the agricultural community, particularly in light of recent legislative changes and the tragic loss of lives during protests.

The opposition also chastised the government for neglecting the interests of marginalized communities, pointing to alarming statistics of crimes against Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes, and highlighting the erosion of their privileges and protections.

Minority communities, particularly in the North East, have faced increasing persecution, with religious institutions vandalized and displacement of tens of thousands of individuals, raising concerns about communal harmony and constitutional protections.

Moreover, the opposition raised alarms about the escalating conflict in Manipur, criticizing the government’s indifference and lack of intervention, while underscoring the need for proactive peace-building efforts akin to past initiatives by the Congress party.

In addition, concerns were raised about the erosion of democratic institutions, including the judiciary, election commission, and media independence, with allegations of authoritarian tendencies and suppression of dissent.

Overall, the opposition’s “Black Paper” presents a comprehensive indictment of the Modi government’s governance record, calling for a reevaluation of priorities and a return to principles of inclusivity, democracy, and social justice.

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