Ordered issued on March 19: Wearing of Mask is compulsory

The Government of Assam, through an order issued on March 19, made wearing of masks compulsory. The Government of Assam, in Exercise of the Power conferred under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897, has framed the Assam COVID- 19 Regulations, 2020 for prevention and containment COVID-19. “Whereas the Government has taken several measures from time to time to appropriately deal with the COVID-19 situation, the Government of India has made wearing of face cover compulsory in all Public places as part of the National directives for COVID-19 management,” States the order. Whereas it is noted that some Persons are not complying with directions for use of Face cover. Therefore, the Health & Family Welfare Department, in exercise of Powers conferred under the said Regulations, has directed that the following measures will be complied by the General Population within the State of Assam, in order to safeguard human life and health:

1. All Persons moving for whatsoever purpose and under whatever reason/authority in Public places like Street, Hospital, Office, Market, etc must compulsorily wear a 3-ply mask or Cloth mask. In absence of a mask, a Gomocha or any other traditionally woven Cloth in at least Two layers that completely cover the mouth and nose can also be used.
2. No Person/Official will attend any Meeting/Gathering without wearing masks.
3. Any Person moving around in a personal/ Official/ Public Vehicle must be wearing masks compulsory.
4. Any Person working at any site/ office/ workplace must wear masks.
5. Masks used by One Person shall not be used by any other Person.
6. Disposable or SINGLE-USE masks shall be properly disposed of by following due procedure. It will be the responsibility of the Employer to ensure that his/ her Employees wear the 3- ply mask or Cloth musk without fail. Anybody violating these instructions on the use of face cover will be punishable under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. All Police Officers not below the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police shall compound the offense on payment of Rupees Five hundred for the First, Second and Third offense and on payment of One Thousand Rupees for the subsequent offenses. Fines thus collected shall be deposited into Government Treasury through treasury challan under the Head of Account 0070

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