Paresh Baruah gives last chance to save the 2 Quippo employees

Ulfa (I) Commander- In-Chief Paresh Baruah Today said the lives of the Two abducted Oil Company Employees could still be saved if someone takes the initiative to pave way for resumption of Negotiation with their Employers.

With a day left before the ULFA (I) deadline to end, Baruah called up a Local Television Channel this evening to state that the outfit has been forced to decide to take extreme steps “after their Employer Quippo Oil and Gas Infrastructure Ltd has failed to respect our Organisation.” Claiming the ULFA (I) was not and Organisation of “murderers”, the Supreme Leader of the outfit said: “We don’t want to take anybody’s life.

We are not murderers. The door is not closed from our side. There is still time and we would be available for discussion if somebody, be it an Individual, an Organization or even the Government, takes the initiative. However, the Quippo Authorities will have to shed their attitude to discuss further with us.”

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