PM Modi Highlights Warm Welcome by Brotherly Gesture at Airport Amid Bilateral Meeting with UAE President

International Desk, 14th February: During his ongoing tour in the UAE, Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a bilateral meeting with UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Tuesday, strengthening ties between the two nations.

The leaders exchanged several Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), reflecting the depth of collaboration between India and the UAE across various sectors. PM Modi, acknowledging his close bond with President Nahyan, affectionately referred to him as his ‘brother’ during the meeting.

Highlighting the significance of their frequent interactions, PM Modi noted that they have met five times in the past seven months. He expressed gratitude for the warm reception and specifically thanked President Nahyan for his pivotal role in the construction of India’s first Hindu temple, the BAPS temple. PM Modi emphasized that this monumental project would not have been possible without the UAE leader’s support.

Scheduled to inaugurate the temple, PM Modi underscored the importance of this event, symbolizing the strong partnership between India and the UAE. He described the signing of a bilateral treaty as a cause for celebration, indicating progress in the relationship, which he believes will be noteworthy news for the G20 countries.

In addition, PM Modi expressed appreciation for President Nahyan’s visit to Gujarat, further enhancing bilateral cooperation and fostering mutual understanding between the two nations.

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