PM Modi in Poll-Bound State: Tripura Poised to Become ‘Gateway’ of South Asia

Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the northeastern state is ready to take on the role of South Asia’s “Gateway” speaking to a large crowd in Tripura ahead of the 2023 elections.

Narendra Modi was addressing a Vijay Sankalp Rally in Ambassa on Friday.

PM Modi said that the party works to highlight the contributions made by tribal people to the construction of the nation through its regular efforts to acknowledge those contributions in highlighting the BJP’s efforts to advance the state.

 According to the Prime Minister, he had promised Tripura “HIRA” (Highways, Internet ways, Railways, and Airways), and people could witness the projects being completed. According to him, progress on doubling the length of Tripura’s national highways is being made quickly.

“The work of laying optical fiber in villages is going on in Tripura. In the last eight years, more than three times the optical fiber has been laid in Tripura. Around 5,000 km of new roads were built in Tripura to connect its villages. A new airport was also built in Agartala. Optical fiber and 4G connectivity are being brought to villages. Now, Tripura is becoming global. We are developing waterways to connect the northeast and Tripura with ports. Tripura is poised to become the ‘Gateway’ of South Asia,” PM Modi said.

Moreover, he claimed that Tripura is empowered by the trinity of “housing-health-income.” He claimed that the PM Awas Yojana has improved the lives of the local underprivileged.

The prime minister said, “The BJP government is focussing on increasing the income of people in Tripura. Money has been transferred into the bank accounts of farmers under PM-Kisan. This amount will be increased once BJP comes back to power. Under our rule, farmers are reaping the benefits of MSP (minimum support price).

Further criticising the Left and Congress, PM Modi claimed that they were both to blame for Tripura’s stagnant progress.

“Earlier police stations in Tripura were captured by the CPM cadre but now under BJP rule, there is a rule of law in the state. Now, there is women empowerment in the state and there is an ease of living. For decades, the rule of Congress and Communists hindered the development of Tripura. Violence is not anymore the identity of Tripura. BJP made state free from fear and violence. The Congress and the Left only know how to betray the poor.”

Elections are to be held on 60 seats in Tripura on February 16. The counting of votes will be held on March 2.

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