PM Modi Pays Tribute To Former PM Indira Gandhi On Her Birth Anniversary

Guwahati: On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to her on Saturday.

“Tributes to our former PM Mrs Indira Gandhi Ji on her birth anniversary,” PM Modi said in a tweet.

On the occasion of her birth anniversary on Saturday, PM Modi also paid tribute to Lakshmi Bai the Jhansi queen who fought the British soldiers, and said her bravery and enormous contribution to the country will never be forgotten.

“Remembering Rani Lakshmibai on her Jayanti. Her courage and monumental contribution to our nation can never be forgotten. She is a source of inspiration for her steadfast opposition to colonial rule. Sharing glimpses from my visit to Jhansi on this day last year,” PM Modi said in a tweet.

In honour of Lakshmi Bai’s birth anniversary on same day last year, the prime minister also tweeted images from his trip to Jhansi.

When British armies tried to seize her kingdom, Lakshmi Bai valiantly gave her life in defence of her country. She was a key player in the 1857 First War for Indian Independence.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi said earlier on Friday that he would speak at a campaign rally in Valsad, Gujarat, on Saturday night.

“In the evening tomorrow, 19th November, I will be in Valsad to address a campaign rally. All across Gujarat, there is tremendous support for @BJP4Gujarat. Due to our proven track record of development, the anti-Gujarat agenda of the opposition is being comprehensively rejected,” PM Modi said in a tweet.

The Donyi Polo Airport, the first greenfield airport in Arunachal Pradesh is inaugurated this morning at Holangi in Itanagar. The PM officially opened the renovated Tezu airport and laid the first stone for the construction of Greenfield Airport in Hollongi back in 2019.

At the same ceremony, the prime minister will also inaugurate the month-long Kashi-Tamil Samagam at the Kashi Hindu University in Varanasi. This will open the door for the rediscovery of the centuries-old connection between the North and the South in terms of knowledge and ancient civilisations.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has booked close to 25 rallies around the state of Gujarat in the upcoming week or so as the Gujarat Assembly elections draw near.

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