PMPL league stage finished as E-sports Revolution Storming in India

PUBG Mobile E-Sports is getting a new high in India as it completed its Airtel Pubg Mobile Pro- League Tournament league stages yesterday and top three teams from India qualified for the Pubg Mobile World League. Amidst the lockdown sports sector in India has been harmed a lot but E-Sports tournament are on full roll as all the games are being played online. In recent few years after the game Pubg Mobile made its mark in E-Sports industry gaming scene saw a great growth in the country.

Top 3 teams who qualified for the world league through group stages are Orange Rocks, Godlike & TSM-Entity. Out of 20 teams from league stage top 16 has qualified for the finals and the top 3 have also for world league. Most valuable and top fragger of the league stage was TSM-Entity’s Jonathan.

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