Police cut down 30,000 Weed trees in Tripura

Kakraban Police Station on this morning based on secret news successfully destroyed about 30,000 weed trees which have been planted in 3 plots in the forest battlefield of Touibandal ADC area. It has been rumored for a long time that Kakraban OC Naru Gopal Deb finally succeeded in destroying the weed tree this morning with a large contingent of police and TSR personnel led by OC Narugopal Deb and a large contingent of police and TSR forces.

OC Narugopal Dev said weeds farms were planted in 3 plots, whose market value is going to be estimated at Rs 10 lakh. But it is not yet known who planted this tree and who is associated with it. However, the whole incident will be known after proper investigation. Moreover, OC Narugopal Dev said that for a long time many truckloads of weed were being smuggled from Kakraban area and the suspicion was growing day by day in foreign countries. OC Narugopal Deb said that a secret news was posted and OC Narugopal Deb said that we have been able to achieve that success today. This kind of anti-weed campaign will continue in the coming days as well.

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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