Special Meet regarding COVID-19 was held in Tripura

An important meeting was held at the Rabindra Centenary Building in Agartala with the representatives of various clubs and business organizations in the Agartala Purnigam area to discuss the Coronavirus and the upcoming Durga Puja. The Chief Minister of Tripura Biplob Kumar Dev was present in the event, Agartala Purnigam Mayor Dr. Prafullajit Sinha and others. On the same day, Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Dev said that the people of the state should be more aware against Coronavirus.

He appealed to all the people of the state COVID-19 can be tackled with the joint efforts of all. He further said that the number of patients infected with corona in our state was low .. It has been seen that many people neglect necessary precautions The Chief Minister further said that various market committees, business associations and clubs have played an important role in tackling the Corona virus. The Chief Minister further said that all the promises of the Vision Documents will be implemented soon. We will definitely move forward leaving Corona behind. Representatives of various clubs and business associations expressed their views. Club

Report by Bikram Karmakar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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