President Ram Nath Kovind Addresses Nation on Occasion of Dharma Chakra Day

President Ram Nath Kovind inaugurates the celebrations organised by International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) on the occasion of Asadha Poornima on Saturday. On Asadha Poornima some 2,500 yrs ago  that the Word of Wisdom was spoken out for first time. On attaining enlightenment Buddha spent 5 weeks in a state beyond description. Then he started sharing with people the nectar he had discovered

The eight-fold path of Lord Buddha shows the way towards the well-being of many societies and nations. It highlights the importance of compassion and kindness. The teachings of Lord Buddha celebrate simplicity both in thought and action.

Today the world fights extra-ordinary challenges and these challenges, lasting solutions can come from the ideals of Lord Buddha. They were relevant in the past, they are relevant in the present and they will remain relevant in the future.

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