Rajib Banerjee: Realizing defeat, BJP unleashes attacks on TMC candidates, workers

Guwahati: Rajib Banerjee, the Tripura in-charge for the Trinamool Congress, claimed on February 14 that BJP-backed criminals had attacked the Trinamool Congress candidate and supporters, urging them not to cast any votes because the saffron party had already conceded defeat.

Banerjee stated that all of the top candidates are organising rallies throughout the state as the election campaign would come to an end on February 14 at a press conference this evening.

“TMC is fighting to restore democracy and wants to deliver the Bengal model to the people of Tripura. People were deprived of everything in the state and following the speech and promises of Mamata Banerjee we have continued our campaign.

Home Minister Amit Shah in West Bengal said next time they will win in 200 seats, in Rajasthan too they said they will win but we can see how BJP has lost. Giving gimmick they have no other positions as they know they will lose in this election. Recently I visited Kamalpur and people are not happy with BJP as they failed to fulfill their promises. BJP failed to work for the people. Democracy has curtailed in last five years”, alleged Rajib.

He further said that attacks and threats are being made against TMC candidates to prevent them from providing any polling agents during the election.

“We will inform the ECI. People are in danger. Fear psychosis is prevailing in the state. BJP goons are threatening the workers not to attend rallies and campaign. All these are happening as they are aware that they will lose the election”, he said.
Bratya Basu, the minister of education for West Bengal, asserted that TMC is gaining a lot of support from the public and is pleading with them to end the misrule of the BJP.

“After 10 months I arrived here and found how TMC is organized and strengthened the organization under the leadership of Rajib Banerjee, and Pijush Biswas. So in coming days, it’s indicated that BJP won’t be able to win”, he said.

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