Rajnath Singh: Tripura Ex-CM Biplab Deb promoted as Rajya Sabha MP for his commendable Work

Guwahati: Biplab Kumar Deb has been promoted to the Rajya Sabha by the BJP after Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh commended him for his admirable job as Tripura’s CM on Wednesday.

Union Minister Singh stated during a BJP programme that the party is quite pleased with the work of former Tripura Chief Minister and MP Biplab Kumar Deb.

“Biplab Kumar Deb who was Chief Minister of Tripura has done a very commendable job in the state. BJP is very much happy with him and with his work and activities at the party. So we told him to go to Delhi as the party has directed him to move to Delhi to serve as Rajya Sabha MP as he did really commendable job. We are happy so we promoted him as MP”, said Rajnath.

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh asserted on Wednesday that Tripura has undergone significant improvement since the BJP took office.

He said this while addressing a public gathering on February 8 at Rajnagar constituency in Tripura.

”The BJP party has worked for all-round development of the state and if voted to power, the party will deliver more in the next five years,” he added.

Rajnath Singh mentioned the significant project completed under Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s administration, noting that residents living close to borders no longer experience any issues because the Vajpayee government installed fencing along the Tripura-Bangladesh border, a task that the Congress-CPI(M) party was unable to complete during their time in power in Tripura.

“I would love to extend my gratitude to the people of Tripura who helped BJP to defeat CPI(M) in 2018 and form government in the state,” Sing said.

“Our party had then coined a slogan ‘Chalo Paltai’, today I would love to coin yet another slogan ‘Chalo Sushan Ko Majboot Banai’. You have witnessed the Congress party working here in the state and CPI(M) also worked in the state during their tenure. There was a time when the state was marred with insurgency, rebellion, and terrorism. But after the entry of BJP, the situation here has changed for the better,” he added.

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