Ranjit Bora’s Wife After Prime Accused Shot Dead: “Justice Has Been Served”

Guwahati: The wife of murdered businessman Ranjit Bora has praised the Assam police following the fatal shooting of the prime accused in the murder case in the early hours of Saturday.

However, both the relief and pain were clearly visible on her face

She also praised Assam police and chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma for being aggressive against criminals and malefactors in the state.

Shah Alam Talukdar, the prime accused in the case is said to have leaped into police custody and been shot dead by officers.

Information indicates that on Thursday, Shah Alam escaped from police custody while wearing handcuffs while he was being transported to Botahghuli for the purpose of conducting a search operation.

A team of Satgaon police shot and killed him near Jorabat in the outskirts of Guwahati.

Shah Alam died after being shot twice in the chest, police said.

Shah Alam attempted suicide earlier on February 10 while he was incarcerated. The authorities claim that Talukdar attempted to sever his hand with the broken portion of a toilet mug after breaking it. However, he was found by the police in a bloodied condition, who rushed him for medical attention.

Shah Alam Talukdar was kept in the Dispur Police’s custody for seven days on February 6. He was the leader of the six-person group who had planned and plotted the murder of the Guwahati-based businessman Ranjit Bora.

On February 5, a number of details pertaining to prior crimes in which Talukdar was complicit had come to light. According to reports, Shah Alam operated Excel Academy in Panjabari of Guwahati, by forcibly occupying the home of an old couple.

It should be noted that on November 21, as manager of the local dairy company Purabi Dairy Ranjit Bora was on his way to the bank to deposit money, two bike-riding criminals rode up and opened fire on him in the Panjabari area in broad daylight before fleeing with the cash.

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