Russian National Found Dead in Odisha

Guwahati: A chief engineer who was a citizen of Russia was found dead at sea in Odisha, according to authorities. This Russian is the third recovered deceased in the state in the last two weeks.

The death of the Russian national, Milyakov Sergey, will be investigated by marine police and other statutory agencies; only the final report will then be made public, according to the police.

Earlier Pavel Antov, a Russian national is thought to have fallen to his death from the third storey of a hotel on December 24. According to the post-mortem report, Vladimir Bidenov a different Russian national had already passed away “due to a heart attack,” according to Odisha Police.

A team from the Crime Branch and experts from the state’s Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) went to the Sai International Hotel in Rayagada on December 30 where the Russian nationals’ bodies had been discovered. The team was led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Saroj Kant Mahanta.

The death of two Russian citizens, including a well-known politician in Rayagada has drawn more attention from the CID Crime Branch of the Odisha Police.

The area where Pavel Antov’s body was discovered was examined by the crew. With the aid of forensic specialists, the entire location was carefully inspected. The spot map’s specifics were drawn, referencing all pertinent information about the location. A pair of slippers thought to belong to the late Pavel Antov were found there.

The investigation team looked into the room 203 where Vladimir and Pavel were staying on December 21 in search of proof. It gathered all the evidence, including latent fingerprints on glass and other surfaces, as well as shoes.

The group also conducted a thorough investigation of room 309, where Pavel Antov had been living alone since the evening of December 22. Fingerprints discovered on objects such as glass and water bottles were gathered.

The Crime Branch team also spoke with the SDPO at the Rayagada, IIC Rayagada town police station regarding the evidence that had been acquired by the local police during their spot check on the day of the occurrence.

According to Odisha police, CID-Crime Branch has been verifying the data gathered from the co-passengers Pansasenko Natalia and Turov Mikhail. They underwent additional testing at CID-Cuttack CB’s headquarters. Through an interpreter, their comments were videotaped.

“Both the Russian tourists are fully cooperating with the inquiry,” the Crime Branch said in a statement.

According to the CID-Crime Branch, a preliminary investigation has revealed that the Russian nationals were on a trip to the tribal region of Odisha.

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