Sarbananda Sonowal: Violence, Drugs Pulled Back The Region During CPIM, Congress Regime In Tripura

Guwahati: The Union Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways and Ayush, Sarbananda Sonowal on February 7 claimed that Tripura had been ruled for more than 40 years by both the CPIM and the Congress, but that corruption, violence and drug use had caused the province to fall behind.

The union minister told the reporters that the Northeast, especially Tripura, suffered greatly from decades of misrule by the Congress since it trailed in development and lacked opportunity for its people.

Espousing the good work done by the party in Tripura, the senior BJP leader Sonowal said, “Tripura has also come out of this shadow of neglect, along with the rest of the Northeast, due to the progressive steps undertaken by the Modi government. Under decades of misrule by Congress, the Northeast suffered immensely as it lagged in development, and lacked opportunities for its people. Due to policy paralysis of the Congress government, the region could not move into the right path of growth & development. Under Modi ji, the policies like transformation via transportation, and Act East Policy made a tremendous impact in Tripura & the Northeast as transportation networks in rail, road, waterways, airways and information technology underwent a massive uplift, facilitating growth & development in the region. Both, the CPM & Congress, ruled Tripura for more than 40 years but corruption, violence & drugs pulled back the region. 

The people of Tripura suffered a lot until the BJP government came to power. Having won the goodwill of the people, I am confident that BJP will retain Tripura in the forthcoming elections as the people continue to embark on this path of transformation through peace and development.”

He continued by saying that the BJP constantly works to promote development for all societal segments, which guarantees the safety and security of the nation.

“Tripura also enjoyed peace and development along with the rest of India since 2014”, claimed Sonowal. 

On the occasion, Sonowal also revealed a report on the changes made to Tripura since the BJP-led administration took office. The Public Policy Research Centre produced the paper named “Badlao Jo Hum Lekar Aaye” (PPRC). Additionally present at the ceremony were Dr. Sumit Bhasin, Director of the PPRC, Dr. Syed Zafar Islam, National Spokesperson for the BJP and MP, and Sardar R.P. Singh, National Spokesperson for the BJP.

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