Section 144 clamped in 2 constituencies In Nagaland

Guwahati: Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate Ajit Kumar Ranjan immediately implemented Section 144 CrPC in two district assembly seats till March 3 following the escalation of violence in Wokha on February 23.

The DC said that criminals had been organised in various places of the 37-Tyui AC and the 38-Wokha AC, jeopardising free speech and upsetting the peace and tranquilly of the local population.

The DC came to the conclusion that there were sufficient grounds for taking preventative measures to stop any unpleasant incidents in order to preserve peace and tranquilly in the region that includes the assembly constituencies of 37-Tyui and 38-Wokha.

The DC Wokha denied a request for an investigation under section 144 of the CrPC of 1973 as a result.

Pre-election violence is still a problem in Nagaland with less than a week till the elections. The NCP has reported three incidents of violence against party members in the past week.

The residence of Nrithung Humtsoe, a supporter of the NCP, was allegedly raided and entirely damaged by suspected miscreants from the BJP party’s 38th Assembly constituency commanded by I Hapenthung Ezung. According to reports, the violence occurred because Ezung favours picking his own candidate. The gang severely injured the NCP candidate’s supporter while destroying his residence and vehicle.

Another incident reportedly involved the assault of the headmaster of Mount Senia School at his residence by a group of BJP members from the 38 Assembly constituencies under Wokha, who were led by a resident of Zuvotung Colony, named Thechamo Kikon. The victim is allegedly a supporter of the NCP.

The third incident was reportedly recorded at a polling place’s BLP residence. The goons of BJP 38A/C Wokha, led by Echungo Ezung, who is from Longs, trespassed on, assaulted, and forcibly snatched away the voters slip in addition to the election official register from Mhonbemo Patton, a resident of a church colony, and the BLO of polling station portion No. 21.

An FIR has been registered in connection with each of the three incidents of pre-election violence in Nagaland.

Another pre-election homicide occurred in Chungtia Village, which is located in Nagaland’s Mukokchung District. On February 22, two supporters of Koridang AC, a JDU candidate, were abducted by an unidentified crowd. One person escaped injury, but the other was found dead in a forest.

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