Severe Shortage of Educators in Assam

Guwahati, 15th September: Assam is facing a critical shortage of educators, with more than 16,000 teaching positions vacant in schools and colleges across the state. The Education Minister, Ranoj Pegu, revealed this alarming situation during a state assembly session.

Schools in Assam are particularly affected, with a shortage of 15,752 teachers. Additionally, about 1,300 teaching positions in various colleges and universities in the state remain unfilled.

The shortage isn’t limited to teaching roles; there are also 2,830 non-teaching positions in schools that are vacant. Administrative roles, including 1,686 head teacher positions, 320 principal positions, and 499 vice-principal positions in both schools and colleges, are also lacking.

In higher education, 860 assistant professor positions in colleges across Assam are unfilled, making it challenging to maintain the quality of education.

State-run universities in Assam are grappling with a shortage of 465 teaching positions, compounding the urgent need for qualified educators in the state’s educational institutions.

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