Sikkim Government releases new COVID SOP, tourists now no need to carry COVID negative certificate

Final SOPs for tourist entry have been completed and in final SOP one major change have been noticed that is now tourists don’t have to show or carry Covid 19 negative certificate as per final draft of SOPs for tourist entry which was finalised today. Covid 19 certificate was mandatory in earlier SOP. It was decided by the final meeting with all the stakeholders and diecided on the final SOP.

Now Covid 19 certificate is optional for tourist and preferably advise to to carry negative certificate. The final SOP has also seeks Pre-registration with portal of tourism department and generate travel card which is very important and one family can have one travel card.

Health and safety compliance registered is required as per the new SOPs and tourist should carry their own Covid gear which also includes thermometer also and stakeholders were asked constitute self monitoring team to track the tourists movement and their state of health. It was also instructed to stakeholder their office and vehicles  should be kept up to date with the sanitisation and thermal scanning is must.

It was also informed that as far as taxi fare is concern it will be followed as per the transport department’s guidelines and one body will be constituted to check overcharging if any complains reorted. And to check the proper implementation magisterial enforcement team under the Disaster management act will be formed.

As far as travel card is concern Hotels can also provide and Tourist Information Center is also responsible. Till date 75 travel card have been issued and which means more than 150 tourist will be coming to Sikkim from 10 October onwards.

Report by Prakash, Special Correspondent Sikkim

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