Singpho Tableaux to represent Arunachal Pradesh’s Republic Day Parade

Guwahati: Jowkhong Singpho, the head of the Singpho Development Society will lead a troop of eight Singpho members as they depart for New Delhi on January 11 to take part in the Tableaux Parade for the impending Republic Day 2023 at Rajpath in New Delhi.

As per protocol, only 8 performers were chosen to perform on top of the tableaux during the procession all of whom were dressed attractively in traditional Singpho clothing.

They will be involved in ongoing practises and other activities when the party arrives at Rashtriya Rangsala Camp.

Only those who have received a double dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and are healthy enough to participate will be allowed.

The parade is held every year on January 26 at Rajpath in New Delhi.

This parade is the largest and most important of the three days of Republic Day celebrations in India. The inaugural parade took place in 1950, and every year since then it has been held.

The majority of the SINGPHO society is made up of the SISEN, N’KHUM, and MIRIP groupings, each of which is further organised into a number of clans under a chief. The foundation for clan organisation is the lineage or sub-lineage group.

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