SpiceJet Flight To Dubai Lands in Karachi After Pilots Suspect Fuel Leak

Guwahati: A SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Dubai was forced to make a diversion to Karachi on Tuesday due to a broken indication light, according to an airline representative.

The airline reported that the passengers safely disembarked when the aircraft touched down in Karachi. But no emergency was proclaimed.

The SpiceJet B737 aircraft which was operating route SG-11 (Delhi to Dubai), was diverted to Karachi on July 5, 2022, the official stated. The passengers safely departed from the plane when it safely touched down in Karachi.

“There was no emergency announced, and the plane landed normally. No reports of an aircraft malfunction existed earlier. Refreshments have been given to the travellers. The passengers will be flown to Dubai on a replacement aircraft that is being deployed to Karachi, according to the airlines.

The Boeing 737 Max 8’s pilots were aware of potential fuel leak warnings coming from one of the wing-mounted tanks.

“The crew noted unexpected fuel quantity reduction,” the Directorate General of Civil Aviation reported.

The pilot had to land the plane in Karachi due to an unexpected depletion of fuel, which was indicated by the fuel indicator in the cockpit. The airline emphasised that this was a precautionary landing and not an emergency one.

The aviation regulator undertook a fleet-wide safety audit of SpiceJet aircrafts last month and it continues to do so on a case-by-case basis.

The pilot of a SpiceJet Q400 aeroplane travelling from Delhi to Jabalpur issued a “May Day” distress call and turned around to return to Delhi following smoke in the cabin.

The crew initially observed the smoke while the aircraft was at a height of 5,000 feet which set off the smoke alarm.

The smoke in the cabin grew as the plane ascended to 14,000 feet, at which point the pilot made a distress call and descended back to Delhi.

All passengers were safely evacuated upon arrival. A SpiceJet plane with 185 passengers on board also made an emergency landing in Patna on June 19 after a bird strike caused a fire in the left engine.

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