Students In Assam Suspended For Filming Video Inside Classroom

Guwahati: In an unusual incident, eight students have been suspended from a school in Karimganj district of Assam for making videos inside the classroom and recording it on their phones.

The incident took place at Jafargarh Extended Higher Secondary School in Karimganj.

The school thereafter suspended them on Friday, December 16.

According to reports, a group of three boys and five girls from Class 12 and Class 9 were involved in this incident.

A viral video of students making reel on a Bhojpuri song “patli kamariya mori” in the classroom went viral on social media, after which the students were suspended.

According to the principal of the school, the students made the video during lunch hours.

He claimed that once the video went viral, school authorities knew about the incident. He further said that the guardians of the students were called upon and were informed about the and reason for expulsion and students. 

“There were 8 students in total. Five  were female and three were male students. They made the video on 13th December during lunch break and went viral soon afterwards. On 14th December when we came to school , we consulted with our teachers and decided to initiate action against the students. We called their guardians and warned them that their children do not repeat such activities in future.”, the Principal said. 

He said that the school has less number of teachers in the higher section and sometimes it is very difficult for them to handle the students.

He added that what the students did against the rules and regulations of the school and that their school do not entertain such activities inside the school premises.

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