Supreme Court slams Central Government over the New Farm Laws

The Supreme Court on Monday have slammed the Central Government over the New Farm Laws and the failure to resolve the subsequent protests that erupted from the Farmers’ community. The hearing of the Petitions are underway and the Bench comprising CJI Bobde Bobde and Justices A S Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian have made certain observations:

✓ We don’t know what negotiations are going on. Can the farm laws be put on hold for some time?
✓ Let those Farmer Unions who say it is progressive say that before the Committee. But you have to tell us whether you stay the farm Acts or we do it. Keep it in abeyance. What is the issue??
✓ We are not in favour of easily staying a Law but we want to say don’t implement the law.
✓ Some people have died by suicide, old people and women are a part of the agitation. What is happening?
✓ Not a single plea has been filed that said that the Farm Laws are good.
✓ We are not talking about the repeal of these Farm laws at the moment; this is a very delicate situation.
✓ You can carry on the protest, but the question is whether the protest should be held at the same site
✓ Each one of us will be responsible if something goes wrong. We don’t want anybody’s Blood on our hands
We don’t know whether People are observing social distancing but we are concerned about them (farmers) getting food and water
✓ If the Centre does not want to stay the implementation of Farm Laws, we will put a stay on it
✓ Whether you have faith or not, we are the Supreme Court of India, we will do our job.
✓ You (Centre) have not handled this properly, we will have to take some action Today.
✓ What happened with Haryana CM cannot happen. On 26th January, Farmers with their Tractors are planning to march down to Rajpath to destroy a day of National importance, the SC Judges were quoted saying in an Indian Express and India live threads.

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