Telangana Student Seriously Injured in Robbery Attack in Chicago

National Desk, 7th February: A student from Hyderabad, identified as Syed Mazahir Ali, was left seriously injured after an attack by four robbers in Chicago. Ali, a resident of Langar Houz, had gone to the US to pursue a Master’s degree at Indiana Wesleyan University. The incident has sparked concerns over the safety of Indian-origin students in America, amidst a string of attacks targeting this community.

Recalling the harrowing incident in a video shared on social media, Ali revealed that he was attacked by four men while returning home with a packet of food in his hand. CCTV footage of the incident showed Ali being chased by three of his attackers near his house on Campbell Avenue. In the video, Ali can be seen attempting to outrun the assailants before slipping near his house, where he was subsequently kicked and punched by the attackers. They also stole his phone before fleeing the scene.

In the distressing video, Ali can be heard pleading for help as he narrates the ordeal, reflecting the gravity of the situation. His visible distress and panting throughout the recording have added to the concern among netizens regarding the safety of Indians residing in the United States.

This incident comes shortly after the tragic death of another Indian student, Shreyas Reddy Beniger, who was found dead in Ohio. Similarly, Vivek Saini from Haryana was fatally attacked by a homeless man in Georgia on January 16. These incidents highlight the need for increased attention to the safety and security of Indian students abroad.

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