Tezpur Air Force Canteen Worker Arrested For Robbery

Guwahati: A canteen employee has been arrested by police officials for allegedly being involved in robbery incident that occurred on the Air Force installation in Tezpur of Assam.

The incident took place at the Salonibari area where the Air Force station is located.

According to reports, the accused canteen worker for the Air Force robbed the campus-based State Bank of India (SBI) branch.

The accused identified as Lakheswar Bora, a resident of Jinjia village in the Biswanath district of Assam.

As per Salonibari Police, he embezzled funds to the tune of Rs 23.50 lakhs from the bank.

Reportedly, Bora had been in charge of the canteen for a very long period.

Following the incident, police officials searched the residence of Bora.

Upon searching, the stolen money was found by the officials.

According to reports, the theft came to the fore after bank officials spotted inconsistencies and filed a police report as a result.

According to the complaint, the accused Bora stole the money from the locker of the bank.

The suspect has been arrested by the police on theft-related charges and an investigation into the incident has launched.

However, the officials have also recovered the stolen money.

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