TIPRA Motha Chairman Rules Out Possibilities for Pre-Poll Alliance

Guwahati: Tipra Motha chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma on February 5 rejected the possibility of forming an alliance with any other political party prior to the election without receiving a written assurance.

While speaking at a mega gathering of Tipra Motha at Dewan Bazar in Charilam Assembly Constituency, Pradyot who is also the royal scion of the state said, “This time we will not go in any kind of pre-poll alliance without any written assurance. Once any party gives us written assurance they can talk with us and without written assurance, we will sit in the opposition rather than a seat in the government. We don’t want to make the same mistake like IPFT did in the year 2018”.

He attacked the BJP which is currently in power for breaking the pledges they made during the 2018 election.

“Many leaders came from Delhi promised of development, hike in wages of MNREGA and etc, and the same thing they have said in 2018. It’s been five years did BJP fulfill anything? These leaders were nowhere in the last five years. Now again they came give big promises and left”, he said.

Pradyot claimed that pressures were mounted on him go into alliance with CPIM, Congress and BJP for an alliance.

“But I don’t want it because of my Tiprasa people. I can’t deprive my people. I want everything in writing. The way IPFT fooled people, I can’t do the same. They thought they will give me a post and power, so I decided not to contest and would campaign for my tiprasa. Nobody can buy Pradyot Manikya”, he said.

He also believes that his party will win all 42 seats without the use of any covert agreements or alliances.

“Our politics is not against anyone, our politics is for constitutional solution, for education, for development but their politics is hindu-muslim, India-China and etc. The people of Tripura received nothing in these five years. BJP fooled people. When Mevar Kumar Jamatia raised issues for people BJP remove him from minister post”, he added.

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