Tipra Motha Founder Accuses Congress of “Use and Throw” Policy, Vows to Defend Indigenous Rights

Northeast Desk, 23rd May: Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma, the founder of Tipra Motha, has issued a stark warning against the Congress party, alleging that its leaders, including MLA Sudip Roy Barman, adhere to a “use and throw” policy and would betray the Tiprasa (Indigenous) community if given the opportunity to join the government.

In an audio message released on May 22, Debbarma asserted his commitment to the protection of indigenous rights and disclosed his plans to return to Agartala after conducting a thorough study and seeking legal opinions on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

“I will come back to Agartala after conducting a study and taking legal opinion on the CAA. If it is necessary to take the next step to save and secure our indigenous people, we will explore all avenues legally, politically, and constitutionally. We will not sit at home. If we want to save our next generation, we must protect ourselves legally and constitutionally, as we are already a minority in our own land. I have already filed a case against the CAA,” Debbarma stated.

He emphasized the steadfastness of his stance, irrespective of Congress’s actions. “The truth remains the truth regardless of what Congress says. I will never compromise for my community. We must wait for June 4 to see what happens nationwide, and then we will make a decision. Sudip Roy Barman and others will make decisions in 2 minutes and will join the government by selling out tribals if they get the chance. We have asked for commitments in writing, and until they implement them, we will wait. They (Congress) operate on a ‘use and throw’ policy,” he added.

Debbarma’s remarks underline his determination to ensure the legal and constitutional protection of the Tiprasa community, amid growing concerns over their minority status in their own land. His call for vigilance and strategic action sets the stage for a critical period leading up to the anticipated nationwide developments on June 4.

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