TMC Candidate in Tripura Claims BJP Does Not Care About Those Who Live Close to Borders

Guwahati: The general secretary of Trinamool Congress (TMC) Pujan Biswas who will contest in the upcoming election in Tripura has criticised the BJP for failing to carry out any development work in the 7 Ramnagar Assembly Constituency which shares a border with Bangladesh.

Pujan is a well-known advocate is running for Trinamool Congress in Agartala’s 7 Ramnagar Assembly Constituency.

Pujan asserted that he had received a lot of support throughout his door-to-door campaign.

“We are holding the door to door from morning to evening and receiving huge responses from people. And people are angry with the BJP government as no such work has been done in the 7 Ramnagar assembly constituency. These all are backward areas. BJP government didn’t work for them starting from road, drain and etc. When we are meeting people they are expressing their anger. I have promised to fulfill their demands”, he said.

Regarding threats, Pujan stated that they have filed a complaint with the CEO who has given them assurances that such occurrences won’t take place.

“In many places flags, and festoons of our party were destroyed. We have identified some persons engaged with this work”, he said.

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