TMC leader Abhishek Banerje: Don’t just vote to elect but to punish corrupt BJP-NPP leaders

Guwahati: All India Trinamool Congress National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee attended a public meeting at Ampati and Williamnagar on February 16, a day after leading a massive rally in South Tura.

Abhishek Banerjee urged the people of the state to teach the MDA government a lesson on February 27 by going into detail about its five years in office and its corrupt acts.

“This is not just a vote to elect. It is a vote to reject, protest, and punish the culprits. It is a vote to hold perpetrators to the book for selling their spines to those sitting in Delhi and for playing with people’s love and faith,” he said.

The Meghalaya TMC’s vision, which is embodied in the TMC’s 10 Pledges For Meghalaya, has been communicated by the AITC National General Secretary through interactions with locals in even the most distant areas.

AITC National General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee reiterated his commitment to the state and pledge, saying that if elected, the Meghalaya TMC will make sure that their signature programmes, the WE Card and MYE Card Scheme, were implemented within a month of taking office.

“The results will be declared on March 2 and it is my commitment that within April 2, the woman member of every household will get Rs 1,000 per month (Rs 12,000 annually)….I give my word that within one month of forming the government, the unemployed youth will receive Rs 1,000 per month in their bank accounts (Rs 12,000 annually),” he promised, amid thundering applauses from the crowd.

He added that the MYE Card Program enrollment numbers demonstrate that the Conrad Sangma-led MDA administration has entirely failed to provide work prospects for the state’s youth.

“Conrad Sangma claims that Meghalaya has the lowest unemployment rate. But when Trinamool Congress launched Meghalaya TMC’s MYE card scheme, over four lakh unemployed youth registered for it. That is a testament to the fact that unemployment is highest in the state and the youth are being deprived of their rights,” he said, tearing into the false claims made by the NPP.

Slamming the Conrad Sangma-led MDA government for cowering down to the people in Delhi and Guwahati fearing action from central investigative agencies, Abhishek Banerjee said, “Would Conrad Sangma have the courage and spine to say that Meghalaya will be ruled by Meghalaya? The moment he does this, ED and CBI will send him a notice the very next day. They have sent me dozens of notices but that won’t stop Trinamool Congress from fighting for people.”

Abhishek Banerjee spoke to the crowd in Williamnagar on Thursday and mentioned how Trinamool Congress was the sole party to bring up the problems and aspirations of Meghalaya in the Parliament.

“In the last year, TMC has protested both inside and outside the Parliament multiple times demanding the inclusion of Garo and Khasi languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution. And we will continue the fight till the end.”

Dismissing the allegations raised by other parties against Meghalaya TMC’s vision, the AITC National General Secretary said, “Few political leaders are claiming that these schemes are freebies. When the CM draws a salary or their telephone, electricity, and water charges are all made free, those are not considered freebies. But when TMC wants to give something to common people and stand for their rights, NPP-BJP calls those pledges freebies.”

Highlighting the poor infrastructure in the state along with the startling lack of adequate education and employment opportunities, Abhishek Banerjee further said, “The CM has surrendered to BJP leaders in Delhi and Guwahati. He cannot even put a 10W bulb on the roads [of his constituency] and is running a remote-controlled government…A government must be super-incompetent for failing to implement the schemes and projects which were announced and started by Dr. Mukul Sangma when he was the chief minister.”

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