Tragic Discovery: Three Kerala Residents Found Deceased in Arunachal Pradesh Hotel Room

National Desk, 2nd April: In a harrowing incident, three individuals from Kerala were discovered deceased in a hotel room in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh. The victims have been identified as Naveen Thomas, Devi B, and Arya B Nair, hailing from different parts of Kerala.

According to reports received at the Ziro Police Station on April 2nd, Naveen Thomas had checked into the hotel with his wife, Devi B, and a friend, Arya B Nair, on March 28. Concern arose when hotel staff noticed their absence since April 1.

Upon suspicion, hotel staff inspected the locked room and, upon breaking in, made the discovery of all occupants deceased. The victims were found in various locations within the room.

Arya B Nair, aged 29 from Sreeragam, Trivandrum, was found on the bed with her wrist cut. Devi B, aged 39 from Meenadam, Kottayam, was found on the floor with cut marks on her neck and wrist. Naveen Thomas, also aged 39 from Meenadam, Kottayam, was discovered in the bathroom with a cut on his left wrist.

Initial investigations suggest a tragic conclusion, indicating a possible case of suicide. Naveen Thomas and Devi B were identified as husband and wife.

The District Police, in collaboration with forensic experts, conducted a thorough examination of the scene, collecting pertinent evidence. Post-mortem examinations are slated for the following day.

Three cases under section 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) have been registered, with investigations entrusted to Sub-Inspector J. Doye.

Furthermore, during preliminary investigations, it was revealed that Arya B Nair had a missing First Information Report (FIR) registered against her in Trivandrum, adding another layer of complexity to the tragic incident.

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