Trees Being Cut in the Name of Development in Guwahati

Digital Desk : Plants not only keep the environment beautiful but also provide oxygen to people to breathe. It helps in preventing environmental pollution. Trees consume the toxic gases coming out of excessive traffic, mills and factories running in the cities and create a healthy environment for the living beings by producing oxygen.

Trees give very valuable resources to the living beings. But frequent cutting of trees is causing a lot of damage to the environment. As a result, smoke, gas, etc. from the vehicles get mixed in the air. It has become a cause of various diseases in human beings. Plants make the air pollution free. So people should plant as many trees as they can.

It can be seen that people are going to end up cutting down trees for various reasons. In just a few years, 7,000 trees have been cut in Guwahati. These trees have been cut only for development works. On April 29, 11 trees were felled at R G Baruah Road on Zoo-Road. It is learnt that another 30 trees will be cut on the same route soon. Most of them were 8-10 years old trees.

And some trees are even more older. Some trees have been cut in Jalukbari too. These trees have been cut down because of the infrastructural activities of Gauhati University. Apart from this, it has been approved to cut more trees.

A few days ago, 10 trees were felled for the pipeline work at the Guwahati oil refinery. Twenty-nine trees were recently cut on the banks of the Brahmaputra for the functioning of the water resources department. Forty trees were also cut at Panikhaiti in Guwahati. Twenty-five trees were cut off under The Guwahati Smart City Limited for beautification on the banks of the Brahmaputra.

Meanwhile, 31 trees were cut for the construction of the deputy commissioner’s office in Rupnagar which are more than 20 years old. Ten trees were cut at the Army Cantonment in Narengi. Authorities are planning to cut even many more trees.

Most of these 7,000 trees have been cut for national highway work. Around 1,000 trees on private land in Guwahati have been cut down. According to the government policy, cutting one tree has to plant four trees. But the question is how effective this policy has been.

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