Tripura Deputy CM launches internet services for 108-gram panchayats

Guwahati: Jishnu Dev Varma, the deputy chief minister of Tripura, officially launched the first phase of internet access for the state’s 108 gramme panchayats on January 13.

In accordance with the 4G saturation initiative, 129 Tripuran villages that lacked cell towers have now received them, and 583 gramme panchayats and village councils have access to the internet.

According to officials in the Tripura government’s information technology division, BSNL has 500 days to erect up to 177 mobile towers under this initiative in order to cover the state’s unconnected villages.

BSNL found 129 unexplored villages that might be used to build towers in accordance with USOF standards in a survey of 274 unexplored villages in Tripura.

Balance villages are being re-surveyed through district administration to further examine their eligibility under the scheme.

The source added that under Part-V of the Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment in FY 2022–2023 programme, the federal government had approved Rs 50 crore for two projects.

“Provisioning of 50 (fifty) FTTH (Fibre to the Home) connections to Government and Private establishments, institutions, offices, households etc of Tripura by extending BharatNet network from 583 GP/VCs and provisioning of one Public Wi-Fi Hotspot in each 583 GPS/ VCs of the Tripura by extending Bharat Net network from 583 GPs/ VCs”, the source informed adding that BSNL will be the implementing agency for both the projects.

“Under the BharatNet project, a total of 583 GPs/VCs of Tripura have been handed over to BSNL. BSNL is to make the BharatNet infrastructure installed in those 583 GPS/ VCs of Tripura operational and maintain the same”, the source said.

“Mobile CSC vehicle and modification of Mobile CSC vehicle is in progress. Mobile CSC will be equipped with CSC infrastructures like laptops, all-in-one colour printers, PVC Card printers, Photo Printer, Web Camera, 4G Hotspot routers, Bio-metric morpho and power bank for backup power”, the source IT Department added.

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