Tripura Election Department Begins Special Projects Ahead of Assembly Polls

Guwahati: The State Election Department launched Mission 929 and Mission Zero Poll Violence on Saturday in preparation for the Tripura Assembly elections.

The concerned officials from all eight of Tripura’s districts who will probably take part in the election process attended this inauguration event.

Kiran Gitte, the chief electoral officer urged voters to turn the next state Assembly elections into a festival of democracy.

“The Assembly election is going to be held in the month of February 2023. We all concerned officials are taking preparations to hold the elections in a peaceful environment. The Election Commission of India has already sent and deployed paramilitary forces. The state police and Tripura State Rifles will also be deployed to conduct the polls in a peaceful manner.”

“I appeal to all voters, political workers, leaders and eminent citizens to take part in the election process. Nobody should try to do any violence in the constituencies, police stations, with the election officers or officials, with EVM movements and at the time of counting of votes.”

According to him, Mission 929 is about the voting locations in Tripura where the turnout for the most recent Assembly election was less than 88 percent. Since Tripura has already demonstrated a model trend of higher turnout in Assembly elections, CEO Gitte professed optimism that the voting percentage would increase this time.

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