Tripura: Youth Brutally Assaulted Over Moral Policing Incident

Northeast Desk, 27th February: In a disturbing incident of moral policing, a youth named Anup Das was subjected to a brutal assault in his own home in Satsangam village, located under the jurisdiction of the Kadamtala police station in North Tripura district.

Anup Das was reportedly tied to a pole and subjected to merciless beatings, resulting in severe injuries and significant blood loss.

Following the incident, law enforcement personnel promptly responded to the scene, rescuing Anup Das and promptly admitting him to a hospital. His current condition is reported to be critical. Subsequently, four individuals identified as Kosh Akura, Lob Akura, Panna Akura, and Samarjit Akura have been apprehended in connection with the assault.

The incident has sparked widespread outrage across the region, with concerns mounting over incidents of moral policing. It has been revealed that the victim, Anup Das, was allegedly involved in a romantic relationship with a girl from the family of the assailants.

Law enforcement authorities have initiated a thorough investigation into the matter to uncover the circumstances surrounding the assault and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The Superintendent of Police has issued a statement expressing concern over the incident and reaffirming the commitment of the police department to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

The community and civil society organizations have condemned the incident, emphasizing the need to address such instances of moral policing and uphold individual freedoms and rights.

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